Exchange-Traded Funds and Indexes
This page is a compilation of representative Exchange-Traded Funds (ETFs), [also called Index Participation Units (IPUs)], that are available on Canadian and US stock exchanges. Also included are a variety of related links.

 Traded on Toronto Stock Exchange TSX

TSX-listed ETFs
BGI Canada ETFs
Claymore ETFs
Horizons BetaPro ETFs
Canadian Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) Management Fee (MER) Comparisons

 Traded on New York Stock Exchange

Barclays iShares

ETF manager websites
Barclays Global Investors  •    Canada  •   US
 Claymore Investments
Rydex [equal-weighted S&P 500 ETF]
Vanguard  •  Calculate and compare costs for Vanguard ETFs and mutual funds

Index provider websites
Dow Jones Indexes
 Financial Post Indexes (FPX)   •  [historical data]
Morgan Stanley Capital International Indexes
Standard & Poors
Select Sector SPDRs
Barra/S&P Indexes [fundamental and historical data]
Russell Equity Indexes
 Toronto Stock Exchange Indexes
Wilshire Indexes [fundamental and historical data]

ETF general information
The ETF Resource Page [Seeking Alpha]
ETF Zone []
ETF Center [CBS MarketWatch]
ETF Center []
ETF Connect
Plain Talk About Exchange-Traded Funds [Vanguard]
Frequently Asked Questions about ETFs []
 Fact and Fantasy of Index Investing [Eric Kirzner]
 Understanding the Tax Implications of Exchange Traded Funds [PWC]

European Indexing/ETF websites
 db X-trackers [Deutsche Bank]
  STOXX [Dow Jones]
 XTF - Xetra Funds [Deutsche Börse, German/English]
 Exchange Traded Funds [SIX, German/English/French]
 Credit Suisse ETFs


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