Investing For Keeps


Here's a compilation of Frank Armstrong's Investing For Keeps series and related columns on Morningstar.

   Aug97 Asset Class Investing
   Sep97 Improving a Portfolio: Long-Term vs Short-Term Bonds
   Oct97 Improving a Portfolio: Adding International Equities
   Nov97 Improving a Portfolio: Adding Small-Cap Stocks
   Dec97 Improving a Portfolio: Think Value
   Jan98 Time for a Little R&R
   Feb98 Applying Our Lessons
   Mar98 Expanding Our Horizons
   Apr98 The Case Against Gold
   May98 The Case For Gold [Bill Bernstein's rebuttal]
   Jun98 Real Estate's Place
   Jul98 Hedge Funds as an Asset Class
   Aug98 Commodities as an Asset Class
   Sep98 Bonds as an Asset Class
   Oct98 Retirement Planning: The Accumulation Phase
   Nov98 Retirement Planning: Not Relying on "The Averages"
   Dec98 [no column]
   Jan99 Retirement Planning: Making it Last Forever [Trinity Study]
   Feb99 Having it Both Ways
   Mar99 Taxes: The Natural Enemy of the Investor [N.B. This relates to US tax rules. We Canadians can only look with envy.]
   Apr99 Less Than Meets The Eye: Equity-Linked CDs [Index-linked GICs]
     Battling College Costs: Section 529
   May99 Keeping What You Have: Asset Protection Planning
   Jun99 Keeping What You Have: The Basic Steps
   Jul99 [no column]
   Aug99 Battling College Costs: Part Two
   Aug99 Hazardous to Your Wealth
   Sep99 The Perils of Company Stock
   Oct99 The Devil's in the Details - Part I [IRAs]
   Nov99 The Devil's in the Details - Part II [IRAs]
   Dec99 Passing Your IRA to the Next Generation [IRAs]
   27Jan00 Investing, circa 1973
   10Feb00 MPT: The Watershed Event of Modern Finance
   24Feb00 From Outcast to Champion: The History of Funds
   09Mar00 The Growth Bucket and the Liquidity Bucket
   23Mar00 Corporate Finance and Company Performance


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