The Stromberg Files

Glorianne Stromberg is a former commissioner for the Ontario Securities Commission. Her 1995 ground-breaking report on mutual fund regulation, while highly controversial, resulted in many positive changes in the industry. Her second major report published in 1998 called for additional reforms to help individual investors get better advice and information.

Ms. Stromberg continues to be an advocate for industry reform, greater disclosure and investor education at the Investor Learning Centre of Canada website through her monthly column Informed Investor.

The 1998 Stromberg Report

Investment Funds in Canada and Consumer Protection: Strategies for the Millennium.

The 1995 Stromberg Report

Regulatory Strategies for the Mid-90s -- Recommendations for Regulating Investment Funds in Canada

Other Stromberg Speeches

Remarks at the Strategy Institute National Conference on Mutual Fund Regulatory Reform [Oct98]

The 2000 Erlichman Report

Making It Mutual: Aligning The Interests of Investors and Managers [ 540kb Acrobat file.]


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