The Coffehouse Investor
by Bill Schultheis | Longstreet, 1998 | ISBN 156352600X


This is a review that's short and sweet about a book that's also short and even sweeter1. There are many books on investing but most of them require you to sit through a lengthy exposition filled with many tables, charts, citations, etc. Think of The Coffeehouse Investor as a condensation of Malkiel, Bogle, and Siegel for people who haven't the time or inclination to read through the classics.

Schultheis's premise is that investing doesn't have to be difficult -- especially if you ignore all the hoopla (his term) that emanates from Wall Street and Bay Street. You can read the book in one sitting. If you follow its simple advice you're likely to beat the vast majority of people who invest the traditional way. And you get to "get a life" in the bargain.

If you don't have the time to read The Coffeehouse Investor then you need help with time management even more desparately than with investing. For you, here's a six word summary of the book:

asset allocation
enjoy life

1 Especially if you try the pumpkin pie recipe.

The Coffeehouse Investor website.


Reviewed by Bylo, 10Jan00


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