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Investor Education Month is great, but these sites will help you learn every day [Globe and Mail, 09Oct07] "A spot for more experienced investors is the Financial Webring Forum, where an active participant with the online moniker Bylo Selhi maintains his own website focusing on mutual fund investing. This site is full of links to articles about finance and educational material aimed at the cost-conscious do-it-yourselfer."
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Grow your own? [The Gazette, 02Jun07] "Can an individual successfully do it themselves? The answer, according to experts interviewed for this story, is yes, provided they have the desire and devote the time to learn the principles of prudent investing. They also have to make sure they have the discipline to avoid hyperactive trading and control their emotions through market volatility."

Investment books to read [Toronto Star, 04Apr07] "If you want Canadian advice, check out a set of linked websites, at, aimed at helping do-it-yourself investors. In particular, look at these sites..., by a Toronto man using the pseudonym, Bylo Selhi, who adores John Bogle and seems to have collected every article ever written about index investing."

Take the time to tinker with your finances [The Gazette, 02Jan07] "The beginning of the new year is an ideal time to take a look at your finances and make at least a few low-pain changes that can pay huge dividends over time. Here are 10 suggestions humbly offered to help improve your personal finances."


No salesman will call [Globe&Mail, 31Mar06] "He and several other volunteer sages and coaches have been regulars on several websites, and have got to know one another. Many of them are also self-taught. Others are industry professionals who are retired or disillusioned by the lack of truth about investing costs. Together, this group has built a new website, Financial Webring Forum, that is a forum for a low-cost investing community. Through blogs, links and chat rooms, the site helps everyone through every step and unspoken nuance of the investing process."

ETFs are cheaper alternative to mutual funds [Montreal Gazette, 09Jan06] "An investor who goes by the moniker Bylo Selhi notes that the new ETFs offered by Barclays have management fees that are about one-fifth of what you would pay for an actively managed mutual fund in the same market segments. That's huge, especially when you consider that most actively managed mutual funds fail to beat their benchmark index in any given year."


The best Canadian investment blogs Part 2 [MoneySense, 19May05] "This site is run by an individual under the pseudonym Bylo Selhi and seeks to educate investors about the advantages of no-load index funds and exchange traded funds. It's worth reading for this aspect alone, but the informative section on real return bonds makes it even more so. Just don't say anything bad about index funds or Bylo will take you to task in his 'Bylo Rebuts' section." :-)


More choice for frugal investors [Jonathan Chevreau, Financial Post, 05Feb04]
White comes full circle on fund fees [Jonathan Chevreau, Financial Post, 31Jan04]


These bonds help fight stagflation [Jonathan Chevreau, Financial Post, 23Aug03]
Finally, a use for that Y2K generator [Jonathan Chevreau, Financial Post, 16Aug03]
RRBs: Out of harm's way [Diane Maley, Toronto Star, 22Feb03]
Don't let tidal wave of financial information ruin your surfing [Jonathan Chevreau, Financial Post, 06Feb03]
These sites will help you find out more about ETFs [Rob Carrick, Globe and Mail, 16Jan03]


Now's the time to get active, brokerage says [Jonathan Chevreau, National Post, 17Oct02]
'Stay the course' or pay the price [Jonathan Chevreau, National Post, 10Sep02]
Smart Boomers haven't sold off [Jonathan Chevreau, National Post, 26Jul02]
The bond that beats inflation [Jonathan Chevreau, National Post, 07May02]
Forming a weekend mutuals habit [Michael Kane, Vancouver Sun, 03May02]


Strategies for cutting through the hype [Jonathan Chevreau, National Post, 05Dec01]
CSBs offer 'negative real rate of return' [Jonathan Chevreau, National Post, 11Sep01]
The regulators save the day [Jonathan Chevreau, National Post, 20Jun01]


For bond products, it's the price, stupid [Jonathan Chevreau, National Post, 02Dec00]
Bid to resolve U.S. broker dilemma [Jonathan Chevreau, National Post, 01Dec00]
ETF investing not just for the little guy [Keith Matthews, National Post, 21Nov00]
Using losses has tax limits [Jonathan Chevreau, National Post, 21Nov00]
Stay-at-home rule enrages investors [Jonathan Chevreau, National Post, 03Nov00]
Falling gorilla bruises index investors and When gorillas turn savage [Jonathan Chevreau, National Post, 26Oct00]
Mutual funds brace for the consequences [Jonathan Chevreau, National Post, 30Sep00]
The Retirement Fund Shell Game [Christian Chensvold,, 08Aug00]
Mutual funds brace for the consequences [Jonathan Chevreau, National Post, 22Jul00]
Some investors are right to worry [Jonathan Chevreau, National Post, 05Apr00]
A sneak peek at this year's tax software [Jonathan Chevreau, National Post, 04Mar00]
Brain drain, meet investor drain [Jonathan Chevreau, National Post, 26Feb00]
The downside of discount brokers [Jonathan Chevreau, National Post, 22Feb00]


Canada takes up the MER challenge [Jonathan Chevreau, National Post, 24Dec99]
Three Cheers to Bylo Selhi [The Fund Library, Dec99]
Independent Financial Online Marketing Proud recipient of the Excellent Canadian Financial Web Content Award
Index funds v. actively managed [Jonathan Chevreau, National Post, 26Oct99]
Online investing's here - but use common sense [David Zgodzinski, Montreal Gazette, 09Oct99]
There's no need to block access to cut-rate U.S. brokers and funds [George Bragues, National Post, 01Jun99]
Marketing devalues funds, author says [Ellen Roseman, Toronto Star, 12May99]
The downside of withdrawal plans [Jonathan Chevreau, National Post, 14Apr99]
Retirement Planning: Canada [Apr99] Proud recipient of the Best-of-the-Net Award


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